Ontario Midwives and Pay Equity by: TheMusicalMidwiferyStudent

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In a nutshell, Ontario midwives are filing a complaint with the Human Rights Commission claiming they are being compensated less than comparable health care professionals due to sex discrimination. A fair number of newspapers picked up this story. Many of them spun the story around to say ‘Midwives are greedy, midwives have low levels of education and they make all this money already and they want 200k a year, midwives should be thankful for what they already have, how dare these women ask for more money in economic times such as these, if these women aren’t happy with the pay they get they should go back to school and become a [INSERT ALTERNATE PROFESSION HERE]” I’m sure there are more insinuations, but these are the general ones I picked up before having to stop reading before I threw my brand new laptop against the wall in disgust.

I should add…

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