Why Do You Want To Be A Midwife? by: TheMusicalMidwiferyStudent

I feel the exact same way.


I’ve been following the Canadian Midwifery Student Hopefuls group on Facebook for some time. A requirement to get into the midwifery programs is to writing a personal letter. Most schools also require that you do an MMI interview (Laurentian is an exception where just a personal letter is required). The frequent questions of this group when it comes to the letters and interviews are “What do I write?” and “What do I say in my interview?”. Perhaps I am jaded in reading the same questions over and over, but at times, it begins to sound like “What do I have to write and say in order to get into this program?”.

Your personal letter and your answers to your interview questions are completely personal. They are unique to you. Asking others for answers becomes problematic at times because you are no longer writing and saying what YOU think, but rather what…

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