Getting in to the MEP: The Grades

Update! August 2015: The requirements for McMaster have changed from what I have described below! Please check the university’s website for the most accurate information.

Getting into the Midwifery Education Program is hard – not gonna lie. But the grades are the easiest part of the battle. Because I am a student at McMaster, I can speak to their admission process and what I did to get into the program. The requirements are slightly different if you already have a University degree, if you are currently studying, or if you are coming out of high school, so please check the website for the most up-to-date requirements.

The requirements for my admission were:

Chemistry or Biology- 75% minimum
English – 75% minimum
One Social Science – 75% minimum

The grades above are high school grades. I also had to submit my transcript from Carleton University where I got my first degree, and additional transcripts from courses I took at the college level for fun after I graduated. The more you send them, the better!

My high school biology mark was pretty terrible, I admit. Even though I sat in the front row, I mostly just talked to my friend Becca about plans for the weekend. If only I had known then that I needed to study hard to get into midwifery school, gah! So with that awful mark on my record, I decided to re-take grade 12 Bio at my local high school with other adults who were upgrading. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the course but I got a 95! So that was stellar. It was easy to submit my new grade to McMaster when the time came to apply.

I took a first year Chem course in my last year at Carleton even though I was studying Film. Why? For fun! I love school. I was busy with fourth year seminars on this and that and decided that putting on a lab coat would be a super idea. It is amazing what a passionate professor can do – I never thought I would enjoy chemistry so much.

I sent my application to McMaster in October… the deadline is February, I think. Either way, it was crazy early. So waiting to hear if I was one of the 80 students to be offered an interview was absolute torture. Waiting to hear if I actually got in was worse. The chocolate consumed during that two week period… Let’s not talk about it. Moving on!

So after applications are sent in, the admissions team will review each application individually. I honestly think that they try and represent you in the best way possible. The candidates are then ranked highest to lowest by their grades. The top 80 students got invitations for interviews, simple as that.

After interviews, your grades are not looked at again. You have met the academic requirements for the program. You are offered admission based solely on your MMI Interview Score (more about interviews here). Again, those 80 candidates are ranked highest to lowest and the top 30 are offered admission into the program.

I think that the average applicant takes 2-3 attempts to get in. It’s not because they aren’t qualified, it’s just that the pool changes a little bit every year, so your 88% average might be the highest one year and middle of the pack the next. Because there are so few spots, it’s a pure numbers game. Even with that being said, I got in on my first try – so it is possible!

So pick a school and apply! The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t get in and if that happens, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again. You’ll get there and it’ll be fantastic!

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