Goals and Accomplishments

Well, we’re halfway through the year! How are everyone’s yearly goals doing? I love writing goals, but I don’t usually write them in January like everyone else… I feel like the new year starts in September for me – so that’s usually when I sit down with pen and paper and decide what my plans are going to be for the upcoming year. This year I wrote out some life goals in January but also plan to write goals for school in September.


In addition to writing “regular” goals this year, I also created a special 2015 jar of all the wonderful things I’ve done. Instead of working towards something that might not necessarily be attainable and then get disappointed at the end of the year, I decided that every time I did something great and worth mentioning I would write it on a sticky note and put it in here.

My Accomplishment Jar
My Accomplishment Jar

The accomplishments on the stickies range from silly little things to big moments I’m proud of. I’m excited to look back in a year and see all the things I thought were special and remember all those good times. Here are some of the stickies that I have so far…

  • got gemini and scorpio (these really hard dance moves)
  • performed in front of half the class (I’m shy!)
  • got into McMaster
  • started a blog
The best sticky I got to write so far this year
The best sticky I got to write so far this year

As for my one year goals, they are on their way to being completed. What kind of goals do you have for this year? Are you halfway finished all the goals you planned to accomplish? If not, get refreshed, start an accomplishment jar and be proud of all the awesome stuff you’ve done!

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