Moving West

Oh boy! It’s time to move to Hamilton. It’s really bittersweet, actually. I moved away from home for university when I was 18 and never really looked back. I made a home in Ottawa, found my partner, got a cat, another cat, a dog, and yet another cat. I call them the troops, my partner calls them the circus. The circus is likely more accurate, but I love them. So here I am packing up life in Ottawa and moving on to something so exciting, to something that I feel is truly my calling. Do you have a plan? Like the plan that you create in your head when by the time you’re 27 you’re supposed to have all this stuff figured out? Marriage, kids, mortgages… It’s terrifying. I had one, actually I had several. Whenever I saw a kink in my plans, I made a new strategy. While planning makes me feel secure, I need to work on letting things go to a certain extent. Plans very rarely work out just the way you thought. This is frustrating, but it’s also beautiful and liberating. Sometimes when plans don’t work out you have the freedom to just exist.


I’m experiencing this first-hand as I move my life over to Hamilton for the MEP. Our plans changed (again) and while my partner and I are still together, we’re not moving down to Hamilton as a unit like we planned. But guess what? It’s going to be okay! I think it will actually make me a better midwife one day, I don’t think birth is something that you can predict down to the second (let alone minute or hour), so really this is just good practice. It just means that I get to really sink my teeth into midwifery school in all its glory. I am certainly going to miss a few things about Ottawa though. The dog parks are great and I hope I can find some similar in Hamilton. I’m also going to miss the Rideau Canal. I went skating almost every weekend this year and I often walk or run along the canal. Parliament Hill is one of those places that I’ll really miss. The buildings are just so stunning and Parliament Hill Yoga every Wednesday throughout the summer seriously kept me sane these past few years.

The Car Playlist
The Car Playlist

Moving away from friends and family is going to be rough. The friendships I’ve made here will certainly last a lifetime and all the people I’ve met here have truly affected me forever. I wish I could mention everyone individually in this post, but it would be too long… In short though, my friends have taught me how to laugh at myself, the art of sarcasm, and people that I really admire and look up to, now and especially when I become a mother. I’m going to say it, I’m going to miss my job. Yes, I know those of you who know me are probably thinking “LIAR!”, but it’s true. There were times when I really did help people and I know that I certainly helped a lot of animals. I also learned so much! I’ll never take that “real life education” for granted. Settling into my new place is going to be exciting as I put up some art, set up the dog bed, and put my toothbrush by the sink. I’ll need to find a nice place for drinking coffee and writing, and walking the dog. Exploring new things is the absolute best. So what’s my plan? To be a bad ass midwife, of course! I’m pretty sure that plans 1 to 20 aren’t going to be smooth, but I’m positive they’re in the right direction.

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