Long Distance Love

Getting in to Midwifery school has got to be one of the biggest highlights of my life. I feel like I am finally going to be doing something that enriches my whole being, and I can’t wait to start. Getting in to midwifery school also brought some new challenges that I didn’t think that I’d have to deal with at this time: my partner and I are going to be separated for the first year of the program, which really sucks. I had imagined us moving down to Hamilton together, learning the city, exploring new things, finding our favourite little coffee shops, you know the deal… But as I’m starting to learn, plans change and things are really never set in stone. Being resilient is one of the things that will make me a good midwife someday and being apart for a little while certainly won’t cramp our style – we’ve been together for seven years after all!

That’s our cat Chloe asking me to pay better attention to her while we all snuggle…

With that being said, we decided to make these “Open When…” letters that I found on Pinterest to make the long distance thing a little easier and fun! “Open When…” letters can be used for anyone really –  kids, partners, best friends, or even your future self. You can use any excuse to write them up and they’re super cute! With the help of Pinterest, here are some of the topics that we came up with:

  • … it’s our anniversary
  • … right away!
  • … you need a hug
  • … you miss me
  • … you want to talk to me and you can’t
  • … you need a pep talk
  • … you’re feeling discouraged
  • … you need a few compliments
  • … you’re having a great day
  • … you’re stressed out
  • … you need to laugh
  • … you’re bored
  • … you’re feeling angry

Open When Letters

It’s kind of boring just to write messages in each of the envelopes, so I added a couple little trinkets and pictures in some of mine. For example, in Open When … you need to laugh – I added a picture of myself from that weird Photo Booth app on my computer. We can spend hours on that damn app taking selfies. I’m usually in tears laughing at how ridiculously good looking I am.


When he’s stressed, I’ve added bubble wrap to the envelope and message. When he’s had a great day, I added a five dollar bill so he can go celebrate with a nice cup of coffee on me. For when he’s bored, I wrote a story about two chickens who want to open up a laundromat. Then I left space for him to finish the story and send it to me. That should help his boredom, right? The possibilities really are endless for things that you can add in the envelopes as well as the different scenarios. It’s been really fun making them so far! It should make us laugh and maybe cry a couple of times too… Hopefully it makes only seeing each other once a month somewhat bearable.

I know that a lot of midwifery students spend time away from their families during school, especially placements where you are expected to relocate. I know that as a future midwife and paramedic there are going to be weeks that we might only kiss hello and goodnight and that’s going to be hard. But I think that we’ll be able to understand each other’s jobs really well in the future and make the best of the little time we’ll have together. Anyway, good luck to all the medical students this year trying to make it work with your partners!


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