MEP: Week One

I can’t believe that my first week of midwifery school is already finished. If this week was any indication, the next four years are going to go by so quickly! I actually feel like I’ve been at school for three weeks already… I’ve neglected my yoga practice, I’ve eaten poorly, and have slept very little and studied so much already. Even with all that being said, I have woken up every morning with a smile on my face, all tickled with excitement that I’m off to school. Once I get into my routine, I think I’m going to rock this year.


So what did this week look like? Well, we packed so much stuff into one week. It was your typical orientation week, ice breaker games, making new friends, getting lost on campus, getting to know profs, and lectures. But then we did some amazing extra stuff specific to midwifery… Aboriginal midwives came to visit and talk to us about their practice at Six Nations, we had a banquet dinner where we met all the faculty and other midwifery students, the second years hosted a BBQ and textbook sale, and we had regular lecture and lab… We got hospital ID badges and almost all our meals provided. Basically felt like the most special person on campus all week, it was awesome.


McMaster’s Anatomy Lab
AMAZING. I went to orient myself and check things out before we really have to get down to business. I can’t believe that we have access to this fantastic resource. Looking at a picture in a textbook is so different from seeing the real thing… and at Mac, that picture of the brain that you saw in the text, you can go and touch that exact specimen in the lab, literally the exact same one. Talk about continuity!

The best part: not for one second did I feel like I didn’t belong there. A prof recognized my friend and I and immediately starting teaching us, showing us some amazing specimens and explaining what they were and what kind of pathology was associated with them and why as midwives, we will need to know this stuff. The great thing about having such a small program is that the faculty know you well and (I feel) are really invested in midwifery students. I can’t describe how amazing this lab is, I can’t wait for more time in there. I realize that I’m nerding out hardcore right now… I hope I can keep this passion up all year!

With Woman
I have yet to see a birth. Many people in my class haven’t… With Woman is an opportunity where we get paired with a mother who is expected to give birth this semester. We visit her once prenatally, attend the birth (as an observer), and visit once after the baby is born. We get a pager. We get a taste of what it’s like to be on call. I got my pager this morning and I can’t wait for the call. I won’t be able to sleep as we get closer to the due date!


Last but certainly not least… friends. I can’t believe how many new friends I’ve made already. One of the things I’m looking forward to the most in midwifery is creating relationships and I already cherish the friendships I’ve made with my classmates and other midwifery students. We really are a community and I love that.

I’m so proud to be attending McMaster. Can’t wait for next week. And seriously now, I have to go study homeostasis for A&P! Have a great week!

And September 8th was this little nugget’s 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday Peggy!

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