One Year…

One year ago today, I had the interview that changed my life forever.

I can’t believe it’s been one year since all of us hopefuls were staggered in a hallway, in front of closed doors, waiting for the bell to ring so we could impress the evaluators with our passion for midwifery. I remember not really being sure where I was going in the hospital that day… now I pass that room in the hospital on my way to the lab in the morning often. I smile when I remember how my sister and I stood away from the rest of the candidates, sipping coffee and probably talking about the weather or something to keep my mind off the interview. I remember her telling me my outfit was “on point” – thanks, Keesh. đź’ś

We waited an eternity for our acceptance letters. I refreshed my portal page at least a million times that week, I was in complete disbelief when I saw it change from a green dot to a green check mark. Is this real?! I immediately made some final touches on my already drafted resignation letter for the job I loathed and hit print.

I’ve grown so much in this past year. I’ve learned so much about myself. I have made so many wonderful friends. Spending the days and nights with these women has been a privilege, I consider them my family. But I’ll reflect more on this year later…

Because the year isn’t quite over yet… Our A&P exam is coming up fast! (It’s also the same day as this year’s MMI – good luck, guys!) We’re all putting in nine hour days in the lab, studying in groups, alone, doing practice bell ringers, teaching each other concepts on the chalk boards, and bothering the TAs with our questions. We are gonna ace this exam, ladies!

So what else is going on? Nothing much, really. I had ice cream for dinner. Why? Because I can… and also because the only alternative was bacon and eggs and I had that for breakfast… I am going to eat healthily after exams, I promise.

It’s also my birthday next week! The weather is gorgeous… Summer is coming and I plan to read a novel for the first time in eight months… I’m so sad that the school year is almost over… Can you believe that this time next year I will have finished my first clinical placement?! Eek! The MEP sure is going by fast…

My Sunshine

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