Helpful Resources for Surviving A&P

Crash Course A&P – The guys at Crash Course really know their stuff. Interactive modules online to help you understand concepts.

Ontario Midwifery Student Reference – a student run website that is helpful at any stage of the program

Quizlet – make your own cue cards and share with your classmates.

Over 100 Heart and Lung Sounds | Easy Auscultation

ABG Interpretation Quiz – this is particularly useful for learning metabolic/respiratory alkalosis/acidosis

Heart Sounds Lessons, Quizzes and Reference Guides

Practice Bell Ringer

Khan Academy – good quizzes, do the MCAT prep quizzes they are similar questions to the exam

Web Anatomy: Self Tests

Varsity Tutors A&P

A&P Practice Questions

Want my personal 20 tips for surviving A&P? Check them out here!

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