Surviving Crossfit

I know what you’re thinking… “great, now this chick is into CrossFit and we’re never going to read about anything else on this blog except for midwife WODs…” cue the eye roll and unfollow… but wait! I’m not looking to tell you about how many times I go to the gym or how much I can lift (a lot), but I’m going to write about something a little different: surviving CrossFit.

I love being a midwifery student but if we’re gonna be real for a second – often times it’s really hard and the ups and downs of the program leave me a disaster. For example, for a while, my litmus test to know if I had studied hard enough for an exam is that I would have a complete meltdown. Super healthy way of coping with stress, I know…

The summer after NC, I noticed a lot of pain in my body, specifically my back. For a few weeks, I couldn’t lift much or really bend over. I knew I had to take better care of myself. In August I started doing CrossFit and I was nervous as hell for my first class. I assumed that it would be a pretty macho-man space, with lots of yelling in my face, but I’m brave so I went to a Saturday morning class. It wasn’t like that at all, it was awesome.

“You’re new! Welcome! What’s your name? What are your goals? What brought you here today?”

I told my coach that my back was sore from catching babies, he said “I know exactly why that happened. We will make sure that you’re able to squat for hours and catch a baby in any position.” Shut up and take my money.

Not only did this baby catching promise keep me coming back for more, but my coaches and the people at the gym have always created a safe space for me. I can go in knowing that I can leave all my shit on the floor in a pile of sweat. I know that they will ensure I’m training safely and when I’m the last one to finish a WOD, people cheer me on to finish strong.

CrossFit makes reminds me of how great I am and is amazing for my self-care. I feel like my body belongs to me. I feel like an athlete – something I’ve never felt in a gym before. There is something so cathartic about pushing your body to the absolute limit, lying on the floor exhausted, and knowing that you survived. It gives me the strength to get through school stress and reminds me that just like my clients, I can do anything for one minute.


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