Dear Mr.​ Ford

Dear Mr. Ford,

I am writing to you on behalf of myself as well as midwives, midwifery students, and midwifery clients. I am deeply disappointed in your government’s decision to discontinue funding to the College of Midwives of Ontario. This decision simply exemplifies to me that your government is indifferent to the healthcare concerns of women and children.

You should be aware that midwives in Ontario care for over 20,000 clients and their children a year in Ontario. We have a rigorous training program at the University level and provide outstanding and safe care to all our clients. We attend home and hospital birth and actually save the government money. Your government’s decision to discontinue our funding, especially retroactively eight months into this fiscal year tells me and the women and children of Ontario that you do not care about our healthcare.  I am also concerned that this decision is the result of a petulant child wanting to punish the midwives of Ontario for winning our Pay Equity Case. I am still shocked by your government’s refusal to negotiate with us after all this time.

I am a midwifery student, soon to graduate this year. I have personally cared for over 100 pregnant clients and their children. I am worried that the discontinuation of this funding and the resulting increase in my college fees will make being a midwife almost unaffordable when compounded with crushing student debt and additional costs of practice. We need more midwives, not less. These funding cuts will inevitably reduce the total number of midwives providing care.

I urge you to look to Alberta, where they are investing more funding and training into their midwives and by proxy into the healthcare of their women and children. It is my hope that your government reinstates this funding to prove that they care for their population rather than just their bottom line.


A Student Midwife

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