About the MEP

The Midwifery Education Program (MEP) is held at three sites across Ontario. The MEP is therefore one program at three different locations. These sites/locations are McMaster, Ryerson, and Laurentian Universities. Each school has their strengths and benefits, so I recommended clicking on the links and finding out what school would best suit you, but note that the curriculum is the same at all three locations. For example, McMaster offers an amazing lab component and is situated in Hamilton – an amazing place to learn about health care, Ryerson has part-time studies available, and Laurentian offers the program in French and has no interview component to admissions.

Image from the Association of Ontario Midwives Facebook Page
Graduation Day – The Tradition of Red Shoes | Image from the Association of Ontario Midwives Facebook Page

The program is a four year Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in Midwifery. At this time, 30 students are accepted per year at each of the Universities. That means that in total across all three schools there are 90 new first years every September. It is extremely competitive, but don’t let that get you down… I got in on my first try and you can too!

So what can you do to get in? I recommend checking out a few of my posts (here and here) as well as the school’s websites. Each school has posted the minimum academic requirements for the program as well as any additional requirements such as a written letter, interviews, or both. If you have any questions, please ask me or write a post on this Facebook Page – the members are really nice and know a great deal of information. Please note, however, that I and the members of the Facebook group mentioned above can only talk about our experiences in the MEP and just can’t possibly guarantee that our experiences/grades/interviews will be the same as yours. The best advice is go to the source, speak to the Program Coordinator at the school that you wish to apply to get the most up-to-date and accurate information.

I hope this information sets you on the right path and good luck with your application!

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