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Launched in 2015, the Catching Life Midwife blog was created as a place for Sequoya to share her reflections as she becomes a midwife. As her thoughts and experiences develop through this journey, so do her posts. This is the place for students and midwives alike to find inspiration, personal and professional reflections, and ultimately the ups and downs of striving to become a better clinician.


Sequoya’s posts have been shared by the Association of Ontario Midwives (AOM), the Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM), and she is a guest writer for the Student Midwives Association of Canada (SMAC). Sequoya speaks regularly at The WOMB – World of My Baby with their pelvic floor physiotherapy team and is currently in her fourth year of studies at McMaster University.

Before becoming a student midwife, Sequoya studied to be a film critic focusing on motherhood and representations of gender in film with a minor in law and women and gender studies at Carleton University. Her opinions are also influenced by her past work in Rescue and Investigations Services at the SPCA and her continuing education and experience with survivors of violence and birth trauma.

In her spare time, Sequoya likes to crochet baby clothes because she seems to be incapable of making anything that fits an adult, going to crossfit, and playing with her dog, Peggy. Her spirit animal is Elaine Benes and she likes to wear socks with profanity on them, especially to births.

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoy what you read.

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